About Clear Water Services

Clear Water Services was established in 1998 to provide innovative construction and industrial stormwater, groundwater, and process water treatment solutions custom-designed for each client’s unique goals, challenges, and mission. Our water treatment experts gather pertinent water quality information and develop a best-fit comprehensive treatment approach focused on balancing project economics and effectiveness. 

Our expertise, experience, and flexible problem solving ensure the best solutions that evolve with your needs when or if they change – that’s our Fluid Approach to Water Treatment.

Have a question about a project, our approach, or our capabilities? Reach out and start a conversation with our team – we’d love to talk.

Clear Water employee operating a forklift in the Clear Water Warehouse

Our Management Team

Corporate Headquarters, Everett Washington

California Office, Rodeo California

Affiliations & Memberships

Northwest Environmental Business Council

Clear Water has been a member, sponsor and contributor of the Northwest Environmental Business Council (NEBC) since 2006. NEBC has been a non-profit trade association since 1996. This organization is on the front line for science-based regulation, supportive policies and tax structures, and adoption of best management practices.

Logo for Northwest Environmental Business Counscil

California Stormwater Quality Association

Clear Water started attending the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) conference in 2015 and became a member in 2017. As a professional member association dedicated to the advancement of stormwater quality, CASQA has been the front runner on industrial, construction and municipal environmental regulation since 1989.

Logo for California Stormwater Quality Association

Society of American Military Engineers

Clear Water Services as a company has been affiliated with SAME since 2015. However, some of our Clear Water staff have been members of the organization since the early 2000’s. SAME leads collaborative efforts to identify and resolve national security infrastructure-related challenges. According to their Mission Statement, “SAME is recognized as the multi-disciplined integrator of military, public, private, and academic national infrastructure-related capabilities to produce viable solutions for America’s national security.” 

To Clear Water, SAME is valued as an organization that provides a collaborative forum between government / state / municipal / local / ports / utility districts and private sectors

Logo for Society of American Military Engineers

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.

Clear Water Services has been affiliated with IRSI since early-2012 and stands by ISRI’s values of “strengthening the economy, protecting the environment, and providing a safe workplace”. Through ISRI’s association, Clear Water has developed and will continue to develop many valuable relationships and connections with processors and consumers of the scrap metal industry.

Logo for Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc

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