M-Series: Modular Water Treatment System

The M-Series units are unlike any other monitoring and control systems in the water treatment industry. The M-Series are unmanned, automated customizable treatment units that compartmentalize the functions of the Revolution Control Unit to meet the specific requirements of each job.

M1 - Mobile Water Quality Monitoring System

Clear Water’s M1 is an automated mobile water quality monitoring system for stormwater, ground water and industrial waste water. It is completely customizable for water quality needs with remote telemetry controls, data collection, and web-based trend analysis tools. ISCO Autosampler compatible.

M3 - Water Quality Monitoring System with Flow Direction

Clear Water’s M3 is a real-time water quality monitoring and data logging system that can be incorporated into many different applications. It also can control the flow direction of water based on water quality parameters.

This equipment is used in dewatering applications, stormwater, groundwater, process/waste water scenarios to determine if the water quality can be discharged to storm, sanitary or transferred to an onsite treatment system.

M5 - The Mini Control Unit

The M5 combines multiple system components, such as chemical injection, monitoring, and pump controls into one treatment controller with all of the features of the Revolution Control Unit with a condensed footprint. 

 The M5 is a fully customizable unmanned treatment container capable of solving most water treatment problems.

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