CESF-20; An all-inclusive treatment system

The CESF-20 as an all-inclusive treatment control unit, built to house multiple system components, such as, chemical injection, monitoring, pump controls and sand filtration into one treatment controller with a condensed footprint.

The PLC-based controls offers the most advanced level of automation in the water treatment market with remote access/control, data mgmt. Systems, alarm/alert historian, system component tracking, 4G wireless connectivity, web-cam access and onsite weather monitoring systems–all designed to provide the most advanced and cost effective balance of remote operations with environmental compliance. 

Flow Rate: 100 – 350 GPM

Features: Self-container lab and weather station, alarm and text messaging transmission

Add On: Dashboard Ready 

Recology Recovery Zone Water Treatment System Control Unit

Featured Projects

Coastland Wood Industries

A wastewater treatment system for a logging and sorting facility in Nanaimo, BC.; 300-GPM

Material Recovery Zone

Water Treatment for a material recovery facility in McMinnville, OR; 300-GPM

Recology Recovery Zone Water Treatment Pond

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