CS-10; A containerized control unit

The CS-10 Control System is a modular control system designed to provide turn key operations of water treatment components all contained in a 10’ CONEX box.  The control unit contains PLC-based controls, pump motor contactors and/or VFDs, chemical dosing systems for flocculants and pH as well as water quality monitoring components and fail-safe valving to ensure compliance needs are being met.

The PLC-based controls offer the most advanced level of automation in the water treatment market with remote access/control, data mgmt. systems, alarm/alert historian, system component tracking, 4G wireless connectivity, web-cam access and onsite weather monitoring systems–all designed to provide the most advanced and cost effective balance of remote operations with environmental compliance.

The system can be customized to meet your site’s specific needs and scaled up or down as conditions change.

Features: Self-container lab and weather station, alarm and text messaging transmission
Add On: Dashboard Ready

Flow Rate: 50 – 500 GPM

Featured Projects

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Water treatment system at a construction site in CA

Esterra Block 3

Commercial building construction project in Redmond, WA; 300-GPM

Commercial building stormwater treatment and dewatering system

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