M5 - The Mini Control Unit

In addition to the M3, Clear Water has manufactured the M5 system as an all-inclusive treatment control unit. The M5 combines multiple system components, such as, chemical injection, monitoring, and pump controls, into one treatment controller. 

Similar to the M3, the M5 uses a Programmable Logic Controller to monitor for pH, turbidity and flow. In addition the treatment container has chemical metering pumps to automatically adjust incoming water for a variety of contaminants.  

It has the capability to regulate  pumps, monitor tank levels and provide automated treatment operations with remote controls and automated data logging. The M5 is a fully customizable unmanned treatment container capable of solving most water treatment problems.

Flow Rate: 50 – 5000 GPM

Featured Projects

University Village

Commercial construction dewatering project in Seattle, WA. 150 GPM

Construction stormwater treatment system situated in the parking lot at University Village in Seattle

Gypsum Facility

A tissue, packaging and building products facility located in Tacoma, WA. 200-GPM

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