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Project Information

This facility manufacturers parts and components from various alloys using a casting process producing stainless steel and titanium parts.

Groundwater has fluctuated between having no detectable levels of contamination, and having contamination at 2x the federal MCLs (Max Contamination Level).

Since installation, the project team was able to exceed project expectations  by implementing an active treatment system with 3 redundant treatment trains. 

With the addition of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), treatment effluent has consistently showed significant reductions in heavy metals and non-detection of PCBs.

Project Details

  • Project Name: Long Term Treatment System
  • Client Name:  Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC LPC)
  • Location:  Clackamas, Oregon
  • Technology:  CESF + GAC
  • Flow Rate: 1500 GPM (3 x 500)
  • Constituents:  PCBs and Total Metals
  • Operational:  August 2016 – Present
  • Gallons Treated to Date: 505 Million Gallons
  • Equipment and Installation Cost: $616,110
  • Avg. Annual O&M Cost: $118,245
  • $/Gallon to Date:  $1.72/ 1000 Gallons
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PCC LPC water treatment system control unit interior

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