Bench & Pilot Testing

To determine the most effective treatment for a given project, our experienced water quality scientists and technicians offer a complete set of real-world water treatment evaluation tools from lab bench, pilot, and full-scale systems. 

Bench-Scale Testing

To optimize treatment for specific locations, our approach starts with treatability testing. By testing a sample of the water you wish to treat, Clear Water chemists can determine the best technologies and treatments for your situation. Most common contaminants evaluated are: 


  • PFAS
  • Turbidity/TSS
  • Total Metals
  • TPH
  • Oil & Grease
  • PCBs
  • PAHs
  • Phosphorus & Nitrogen
  • BOD & COD

Pilot Testing

Pilot testing is an even more comprehensive way to determine the exact type of treatment that’s best for your project. We install a small system on your site to actively test different treatment methods. This dynamic low-flow system requires little to no set up time or external power. We install it, run it, analyze the findings and show you a variety of options that will work for your project and for your budget.


  • Adsorptive Column Modeling
  • IX Modeling
  • Rapid Small-Scale Column Testing
  • Oxidation
  • Electrocoagulation Modeling

Whether active or passive technology, specific treatment chemistries or absorptive multimedias, Clear Water’s bench and pilot testing ensures the best fit for your needs.

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