Mechanical Filtration

Pressurized Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical filtration is a reasonable approach to filtering out measurable particulates in water.  

Mechanical filtration can be applied by sand filtration (to about 20 microns) or bag/cartridge filtration utilizing specific micron rated bags or cartridges (typically to 5 to 10 Micron).  Mechanical filtration is often coupled with adsorptive media applications as a means of pretreatment to protect expensive adsorptive media from sediment loading in groundwater treatment applications.  

Mechanical filtration is ideal for applications with low sediment and low variability to influent conditions.  Increased sediment loading, very fine particle size or variable influent conditions can contribute to excessive filter backwashing, bag/cartridge filter change outs or decreased adsorptive media life; and may require additional filter aids (coagulant) to achieve discharge targets.


Mechanical Filtration Products

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