Remediation Water Treatment

Clear Water provides innovative industrial stormwater treatment solutions designed specifically for each client’s unique goals, challenges and facility. Our water treatment professionals gather all information and develop a “best fit” comprehensive treatment approach focused on balancing long term economics and effectiveness.

Clear Water provides permanent treatment solutions for turbidity, pH, metals, hydrocarbons, organics, bacteria and nutrients for a number of industrial facilities such as mining, oil & gas, recyclers, lumber, metal industries, and transportation facilities.


Clear Water Services [was] awesome as the CESF Lead on the Static Test Project. You helped us make the AO process less complicated and that kept us in compliance with the permit. We appreciate your responsiveness with the stormwater treatment plans, the sampling, and contractor coordination

- Ron Grina; Everett Environmental Affairs (Boeing 45-12 Static Test Project)

PFAS Treatment

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of toxic chemicals that includes PFOS, PFOA, GenX, and others. These ubiquitous “forever chemicals” are extremely resistant to natural degradation processes and may persist in your body and the environment for decades. Removing PFAS from water to make it safe for drinking and/or reusing requires an advanced site-specific treatment approach. 

PFAS Treatment & Removal

Water quality and regulatory needs vary from project to project, and so do our treatment technologies. By conducting simple Water Quality Characterization and Bench-Scale Treatability Testing, Clear Water lab technicians can determine which treatment technologies and media are suitable for removing PFAS at the site. It also allows us to narrow down potential treatment chemistries and adsorptive multi-medias that may be suitable in a permanent stormwater treatment application. 

In many treatment plans, a combination of more than one type of filtration, media, or technology may be used to remove different PFAS compounds as well as other parameters of concern at the site, such as sediment, metals, or nutrients. Bench-Scale testing allows for a fully customizable, effective approach to PFAS treatment and removal. 

Soil Vapor Extraction

Clear Water has worked on providing additional turnkey solutions for soil vapor extraction systems. We have experience with soil/vapor extraction, sub-slab depressurization and air-stripper effluent.

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