M3 - Water Quality Monitoring and Controls

Clear Water’s M3 Water Quality Monitoring Station allows for real-time water quality monitoring and flow direction control on water quality parameters.  

The M3 is used in dewatering applications, stormwater, groundwater, process/waste water scenarios to determine if the water quality can be discharged to storm, sanitary or transferred to an onsite treatment system.  Using a Programmable Logic Controller, the unit will monitor pH, turbidity and flow while collecting real-time data in reportable formats. Utilizing automated pneumatic valve systems, the M3 is designed to automatically terminate discharge when the water quality goes outside of set parameters and  resume discharge  if the water quality improves. 

The M3  provides fail-safe features to ensure that water is conveyed to the right place on your jobsite, saving the project significant treatment costs while providing assurance that the permit benchmarks will be met at all times.

Flow Rate: 50 – 5000 GPM


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