Habitat Area 2 - Campus Bay Remediation

large water storage tanks in a line plumbed to a water treatment system

Project Information

Habitat Area 2 at Campus Bay consists of 2 lagoons, which were created in 1960-1971 to retain stormwater and effluent from a process water treatment system. Industrial activities in the Campus Bay Area, such as manufacturing of organic and inorganic industrial chemicals, started in 1897 and continued until 1997.

An active treatment system consisting of chemically-enhanced sand filtration and adsorptive multi-media filtration was used to treat water in the lagoons.

Project Details

  • Project Name: Habitat Area 2 – Campus Bay Remediation Project
  • Client Name: Zeneca, Inc
  • Location: Richmond, CA
  • Technology:  CESF + AMM
  • Flow Rate: 200 GPM
  • Constituents:  Turbidity, pH, Hydrocarbons, VOC’s, PAHs, PPs, PCBs, OCPs and Heavy Metals
  • Operational:  October 4th, 2018 – February 21st, 2019
  • Gallons Treated to Date: 5,584,768 Gallons
  • $/Gallon to Date:  $ 0.1166 per gallon

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