EVRAZ Oregon Steel Mill

Panoramic view of the EVRAZ water treatment system on Portland Harbor

Project Information

This 65-acre facility on Portland Harbor manufacturers steel plate, rolled steel and steel pipes.

Raw stormwater turbidity fluctuates between 10 NTU and 6000+ NTU.

Project Details

  • Project Name : Long Term Treatment System
  • Location:  Portland, Oregon
  • Technology:  CESF
  • Flow Rate: 3600 GPM (3 systems x 1200 GPM each)
  • Constituents:  TSS, Total Metals and pH adjust
  • Operational:  March 2019 – Present
  • Gallons Treated to Date: 57 Million Gallons
  • Avg. Annual O&M Cost: $136K
EVRAZ steel water filtration pods close-up
Centrifugal pumps drawing water from a pond for water treatment

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