Transloading Facility; Process Water Autosampler

Project Information

The M1 Autosampler is a standalone, fully enclosed sampling unit which can be added onto a treatment system as a supplementary mechanism to obtain either time- or flow- proportional water quality samples.

System technicians can connect this standalone unit to a sample spigot and a 120v power source (or leave permanently installed), utilize the Teledyne Isco operator interface to program the sampler, and leave it to collect the required aliquots per the site sampling requirements.

This unit was deployed in 2016 at an Industrial Facility in Seattle, WA to obtain weekly compliance samples prior to discharge of treated process waste water to the sanitary sewer. At this facility the M1 is set up for time-proportional composite sampling based on 6-12 hour batch discharges at a consistent flow rate. It has been successfully collecting weekly samples for over 5 years.

King County Industrial Waste is the permitting regulatory agency, and under the Facility’s Discharge Authorization the M1 is utilized to obtain samples for the following pollutant parameters: SVOCs, VOCs, PCBs (by specific aroclors), Total Metals, and Low-Level Mercury. The autosampler can be used to collect samples for additional pollutants as long as the applicable EPA standard methods allow for it.

Project Details

  • Project Name: Transloading Facility
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Technology:  M1 Autosampler – Post-Chemically Enhanced Sand Filtration and Adsorptive Multi-Media Polishing
  • Flow Rate: N/A
  • Constituents:  Required by King County Industrial Waste – SVOCs, VOCs, PCB aroclors, total metals and low-level mercury
  • Operational:  2016 – present

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