Materials Recovery Facility

Stackable passive stormwater filtration system at a recycling facility in Seattle, WA

Project Information

This facility processes various recyclable materials and sees high truck traffic. It discharges to the Lower Duwamish, a 303(d)-listed impaired waterbody.

The lack of available space onsite was a key factor in the design of this stackable multi-media treatment system. The system takes up roughly one parking stall, and it also has relatively low O&M costs compared to an active treatment system.

Since the installation of the treatment system, this facility has achieved consistent attainment on all applicable ISGP parameters.

Project Details

  • Project Name: Stackable Tank Multi-Media System
  • Client Name:  Material Recovery Facility
  • Location:  Seattle, WA
  • Technology:  Passive Treatment System – Stackable Tanks
  • Constituents:  Turbidity, pH, Oil Sheen, Copper, Zinc, Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Total Suspended Solids
  • Operational:  October 2015 – Present
  • Avg. Annual O&M Cost: $20,000
Adsorptive filtration media close-up

Raw stormwater flows through an oil and grit settling cell before being dispersed over the adsorptive filtration media in the top and bottom tanks. Prior to installation, bench-scale testing was conducted using raw water from the site to determine the most effective combination of treatment media.

Upright poly stormwater settling tank in front of a Clear Water Services passive treatment system at a materials recovery facility

An upright settling tank was added in 2019 to reduce solids reaching the treatment system and prolong the usable life of the media.

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