Recycling Center

Project Information

This facility processes recyclable collected from over 250,000 households in Washington state.

The 6.49-acre facility is currently permitted under the WA Industrial General Permit (ISGP) and triggered a level 3 corrective action in 2017 for total zinc. Clear Water conducted a pollutant source assessment and bench-scale treatability testing to determine the most effective chemical coagulant/flocculant and/or adsorption filtration.

The final treatment system configuration was pretreatment with BHR-P50, flocculation, gravity settling and filtration. Clear Water was able to show efficacy and performance of a permanent active treatment system to treat contaminants of concern to below permit benchmarks. In late-2017, Clear Water installed a 150-GPM treatment train.

Since the installation of the treatment system, this facility has met all applicable ISGP parameters.

Project Details

  • Project Name: Recycling Center
  • Client Name:  Confidential Client
  • Location:  Woodinville, WA
  • Technology:  Chemically Enhanced Sand Filtration System
  • Constituents:  Turbidity, pH, Oil Sheen, Copper, Zinc
  • Operational:  September 2017 – Present
  • Avg. Annual O&M Cost: $20,000

Bench-Scale Treatability column testing

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