Terminal 5 Berth Modernization

Stormwater and groundwater treatment system at the Port of Seattle

Project Information

The Terminal 5 Project at the Port of Seattle involves maintenance and update of the terminal 5 berth, as well as utility upgrades adjacent to the terminal. Clear Water is responsible for treating several known contaminants in the groundwater, as well as managing the stormwater. The project required (2) 250 GPM CESF systems, both with Carbon filtration for contaminant removal. One system needed to be upgraded to a 500 GPM flowrate capacity, and Clear Water was able to complete the upgrade in one day.

Project Details

  • Multiple Active Treatment System (ATS) Using CESF
    • 250 GPM Upgraded to 500 GPM
    • Second 250 GPM System
    • 1-Day upsize 250 GPM to 500 GPM
  • 11 Months Operational
  • Over 28 Million Gallons Discharged
  • Dewatering and Stormwater
  • Numerous Contaminants of Concern
  • Zero unscheduled media changeouts

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